Feast on the sweetness of Magalang

The aftermath of the Second World War compelled a lady in Magalang, Pampanga, to do what she does best—create masterful confections that appeal to the young and old. Carreon’s Sweets rose from an atmosphere of despair and recovery.

Today, the store induces a sugar high by selling its famous plantanillas, a lethal and exciting combination of egg yolks formed as crepes and wrapped around pastillas gatas damulag (carabao milk pastillas).

Take a trip with us and feast on the sweets of Carreon’s!



Sta. Rita: Turrones de casuy, sansrival, at iba pa

Kampampangan historian Don Mariano Henson listed Pampanga as one of the most prosperous provinces in the 1930s. The cash crop that made it wealthy? Sugarcane. This abundance of sweetness produced heavenly treats such as the turrones de casuy. The cashew nougat is wrapped in white paper-like wafer, which might remind you of Mass on Sundays.

See how they’re made and meet the oldest worker in Ocampo-Lansang’s Delicacies. Take this tour and discover other offerings that you might want to take home.