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Pampanga Food Tour

Travel and cuisine are linked together and on this food tour, we have prepared a trip that blends delicious food and beautiful sights in the province of Pampanga.

Pampanga is acknowledged as the culinary capital of the Philippines. Food is a product of the Kapampangan’s experience with the conquistadores, Celestial traders, natural disasters and the rich bounty of their land. Their skills in the kitchen and ability to improvise have influenced Filipino cuisine, as we know it today.

We visit the towns that contributed to Pampanga’s culinary heritage by having meals in family-run businesses, visiting heritage sites and learning from the Kapampangan (the people who dwell by the riverbanks).

Know and taste Pampanga by booking this tour!

Your Food Tour Guide: Patrick Ceniza

Where are you from? I’m a true blooded probinsyano. I grew up in a town called Nasipit nestled in the plains of the province of Agusan del Norte. It is a quaint little coastal town where everyone knew everyone, where the concept of food is communal and where fish is always fresh from the ocean and never from a fish pond.

My Story: I grew up in a very simple household. We ate to live and travel was considered too much of a luxury. I never really got to try restaurant food until I was 14. So growing up, I was really curious about anything that I never got to try. Whenever my seafarer uncle would come home, his pasalubong would always be in flight magazines that he took from the flight coming home. Oh, how I would read those and imagine I would taste the food and be in the places I saw and read about!

My first trip out of the country was for a cultural exchange program in 2014 and that was the time I realized I wanted to learn about food and other cultures and share them to people.

How long have you been guiding? I’ve been guiding for over two years now and so far it has been very fulfilling and rewarding. I have a background in biology and international studies. I have worked in finance and international relief organizations that allowed me to develop a distinct sense of nationalism and love for people and food.

Favorite thing about guiding: For me guiding is not just about transferring you knowledge to your guests, a good guide has to be able to transfer the same curiosity and passion he has for his food and his culture to his guests. I love it when guests start asking more questions about other aspects of Filipino food and culture.

Favorite part of the itinerary: Lunch with the one and only Atching Lilian. Not only because Atching Lillian is the foremost figure in Kapampangan cuisine or that she serves one hell of a lunch but it’s her warmth and generosity that makes you feel you are welcomed and that you are home. She is the best things of Filipino hospitality rolled into one smiling , loving grandma who force feeds you (in a good way).

Favorite trip/country: My most favorite trip and country would be Sri Lanka, which I did in May 2019. The cultural similarity and difference between Sri Lanka and the Philippines really hits home, not to mention how crazy good the food is and how generous the people are in letting you into their kitchen and showing you heirloom recipes. I stayed with a Muslim family in the UNESCO city of Galle and that will always have a special place in my heart.Tilaok