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1. Why a food tour in Pampanga? Aside from its proximity to Metro Manila, the province of Pampanga has interesting stories to tell its visitors. Its people, history, heritage and cuisine enriched different aspects of the Filipino. Our food tour is a good way to learn about the Kapampangan’s contribution.

It’s also an opportunity to get to know more about this proud province while having well-prepared meals along the way. Food becomes a bridge to ideas and better understanding of ourselves. It’s good bait.

2. What’s in store in your tour? We drive around the heartland of Pampanga, stopping at places to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. These meals feature the typical, traditional and exotic side of Kapampangan cuisine. We’ll be feasting on different tables for the whole day.


We will also visit home-style factories where they sell an array of sweets such as the turrones de casuy and plantanillas that would make for good pasalubong to your friends and loved ones.

Our trip wouldn’t be complete without touching on Pampanga’s religious side. We’ll have a look at three heritage churches showcasing Pampanga’s artistic talent, resilience and prestige.

On our way to one of the towns, we’ll see Mount Arayat. How’s that for our backdrop?

3. Great! I want to join! How much do I pay? It’s P2,900 (NET) per person for a guaranteed group of eight participants. This includes the meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), transportation (driver, toll, parking and gasoline expenses), a baking lesson, factory and heritage church visits, entrance fees, and guide’s fees.

4. Where are we going to eat? We’ll have breakfast in Guagua, lunch in Mexico and early dinner in San Fernando before going back to Metro Manila.

5. What if there are fewer than eight participants joining the trip? We aim to have eight guests because our meals are especially arranged in places that have their required number of guests. To complete the group, I would sometimes invite people who have inquired in the past to join the trip. Another option would be for the remaining cost to be shared by the group.

6. What if there are more than eight participants joining the trip? The maximum number of participants when we use a van is 10. If we have more than 10 participants, we hire a 20-seater Toyota Coaster or a 27-seater minibus. The rate per person would depend on the number of confirmed passengers.

7. Do you offer the food tour at a discounted rate? No but to reduce costs, the group can opt to shoulder their own transportation expenses (driver, toll, parking and gasoline).

8. Do we meet you in Pampanga? No. I’d usually meet the group in their designated meeting point in Metro Manila unless I’m asked to start the tour in Pampanga.

9. Are there options for vegetarians? For now, there are none.

10. How do we go about the payment? I will email a contract to make our arrangements final. One of the items required is for clients to make a 50 percent nonrefundable deposit at least a week before the tour date to reserve our transportation and confirm with our hosts.

11. What time do we start? Where do we meet? What time do we return to Manila? Our food tour starts at 6:30 am from your designated pick-up point in Metro Manila and ends when we arrive in Metro Manila before 9:00 pm.

12. Any reminders?

  • Our vehicle will be at the assembly point at 6:00 a.m.
  • We leave at 6:30 a.m. It’s a 1.5 to 2-hour nonstop trip to Guagua. We advise guests to go to the restroom before the trip. If a restroom stop is needed, we’ll look for the nearest gasoline station for a break.
  • Wear something comfortable but also be reminded that there’s a dress code in Betis Church. Sarongs will be provided by their security guard but to ensure a hassle-free visit, I suggest that guests bring their own scarf/sarong.
  • Have an open mind in trying out what’s prepared on the table. Ask if you have doubts.
  • Pace your meals. There are three hosted meals good for the group.
  • Bring any special medication that you may need. Especially if you’re watching your sugar intake.
  • Know which food to avoid in case you have allergies.
  • Please bring an umbrella or rain gear.
  • Bring a liter of bottled water for the trip. Guests can re-fill in our meal stops.
  • Kindly note that there might be leftovers after our meals and it’s suggested that we take them home as pasalubong or pabalot.