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The group tasked with food tasting inside the factory of Carreon’s Sweets in Magalang, Pampanga.

“Thank you very much Bryan, for making our trip to Pampanga so worthwhile! Your knowledge about everything Filipino, and not just the food, made for a lively and entertaining day. Meeting local people and learning about their customs and history was fascinating and I learned lots of new facts from the informative conversations we had between stops. The food component of the tour was really well planned (and most plentiful!!) and I relished the opportunity to try well executed versions of the well-known and the more obscure dishes that go to make up Filipino cuisine. A great tour and one I would highly recommend :-) ” —June Vann

“So much more than a food tour! We had an amazing day learning about not only Filipino cuisine but also its history, politics and religion. Our tour was well planned and executed, and there was no doubt we were well fed. I really felt I had seen the traditional Filipino cuisine – not always so easy in Metro Manila – and there was such a variety! Bryan was patient with all of our questions and comments, and my only suggestion Bryan, is that you should feel confident to educate us about Filipino etiquette as everything else, as it is often ignorance not intentional rudeness when we gallop through in hob nailed boots! Thank you for a fabulous day. You kept us all happy and entertained from beginning to the end.” —Alexandra Gregori

“Everybody in the group, young and old alike, enjoyed the tour. Highly recommended for both local and foreign tourists. You’re an excellent guide, Bryan!” —Lucy

“Bryan is a very engaging tour guide. Witty and funny, but with excellent analysis and insights on about culture, history and politics. Doesn’t hurt that he has a kampangan lineage as well. Sikat eh! :) Great job, Bryan!” —Norly

“Bryan had a lot to say about the history and traditions of each of the places we visited, but it never felt heavy. And of course, we had a lot of fun stuffing ourselves!” —Mia

“Diet destroyer pero super sulit. Thanks, Bry! ;)” —Ejay Paz

“There was liemporn in the morning, amphibians for lunch, insects for dinner and tons of sugar in between. Good (God!) meals, great friends, and an awesome guide in Mr. Bryan Ocampo.” —Ping Ronquillo

“Kumain ng napakasarap na “liemporn”, kamaru (mole cricket), palaka, machong sugpo, at iba pa sa pampanga ngayong araw! salamat sa isang malupet at nakakabusog na food tour, Bryan Ocampo! :)” —Mitch Mauricio

“Crispy crickets = WIN!!! Thank you, Mabuhay guide Bryan Ocampo for helping me ruin my diet in the best way possible. I wanna be Kapampangan when I grow up!!!” —Zane Ronquillo