About the Food Tour & Guide

Ma•ngán (Ilokano, Kapampangan, Pangasinan): káin; to eat

One of the best ways in understanding ourselves is through the food that we eat. It’s more true in the case of the Kapampangan (the one who dwells on the riverbanks).

Get a taste of good cooking by taking a day’s journey in the province of Pampanga!

About the Tour

Visit the towns in Pampanga that define its culinary heritage. We have three hosted meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) in Guagua, Mexico and San Fernando respectively. I have included a bit of walking in some of the towns, a visit in two churches, a baking lesson by a Kapampangan chef named Lillian Lising de Borromeo, a tour in the Angeles City Museum and factory visits.

About the Guide

I will also be your photographer on that day.

My name is Bryan Ocampo. I’m half-Pampango and though I may not speak the language, I am proud of my Kapampangan roots. It’s as pure as the tibuk-tibuk. It’s as strong as my longing for the asado cooked by my lola. It’s as intense as the sweetness of Sta. Rita’s sansrival.

I’ve been working as a tour guide for more than four years now and I’ve led groups in different parts of the Philippines.

I’m an accredited tourist guide of the Department of Tourism where I received the best training from the London Blue Badge instructors and learned from the leading figures in Philippine architecture, art, heritage, dance, history, and literature.

My previous assignments in the province of Pampanga showed a great deal of culinary discoveries waiting to be shared to all. I’m inviting you to take a trip with me.

Know and taste Pampanga through my tour!