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Meet the Lapids of Guagua

The Chinese fled to Guagua in the 17th century to escape persecution and start a new life in this town near the mouth of a river. Their new home offered a lot economic opportunities that it became the entry point to Manila of produce from the central plain of Luzon. They stayed here for good, which led to the growth of Chinese mestizo families. Modern-day Kampampangans, including the Lapids, are their proud descendants.

Meet the Lapid father and son tandem who are actively promoting their town’s heritage. Join this tour and know more about Guagua and its place in the history of Pampanga.


Author: Bryan Ocampo

I'm a tour guide, a tour leader, a husband but I've also become an interpreter, an entertainer, an ambassador, a gofer, a matchmaker, a bellboy, a teacher, and a drinking buddy. My job is to show people around, have a good time, make sure that they're all right and talk about the country that I love.